Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the kukup trip

back from the kukup trip with our group of friends of the forest, haha!! the island was scorching hot and all of us really melted under the hot sun. guess we're too sheltered in singapore, literally speaking, ha!

the house where we stayed for a night was spacious, though the rooms and mattresses were too dusty and most of us were sneezing and wheezing through. and the food was so-so, but all in all, it was an experience for me. sleeping on the floor on a thin mattress, the toilets being a hole where everything just get dropped right into the sea and the incessant number of flies flying around. man! they were everywhere!!

and the highlight of the trip was the guys coming up with a new game, Swatting Flies!! yes, i'm serious!! while some of us were just lazing in the room with the air-con (thank God they have air-con!), the guys were outside doing their best to swat out all the flies!! it was hilarious!! and they even came out with a tactic that ensured that you get the fly dead and square, ha! though i tried and failed miserably, hehe..

arriving at the island

our new game practice

the S.W.A.T logo

WAGS of the SWAT team

and presenting the team....

ladies and gentlemen, meet the SWAT team!
john, keon, sean & johnny
(keon is the master shifu!)

haha!! the things that the guys come up with sometimes are really funny!! other than swatting flies, we also played cranium (a board game), charades and visited the kelong.

other than eating seafood, there is'nt anything much to do on this island. thus 2 day 1 night is definetely more than enough. it was really fun with the company of friends and we just chilled and laze around. we're all looking forward to our next trip!!
friends of the forest

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