Tuesday, December 23, 2008

winds of change, ha!

as the previous post on being a high class gardener, its signed, sealed and confirmed! come jan 12, i'll be officially working for the government as their gardener, ha! never could have imagined that i'll be working for them but well, see how things always turn around when you least expect it.

erm, but i would still like to have a proper office, table, air-con and please Mr Mentor Minister Lee!! Please let us have our MSN!!!! hope that won't be banned in the office, lol... anyways what make me decide on this new career direction was ahem...(must make myself sound sacrificial, lol!) the stable income, the many benefits of being a civil servant, the insurance, the prospect of not using my brain (wait! thats not good right?!) haha... but mainly its for my family.

i'm excited to start the new year on a clean slate and there are some new things i would wanna do. but please don't laugh at me k, its a huge step for me hor...

this coming new year, i'm going to:
- wear contacts (no laughing!)
- put braces (i realised my sister is doing it too! and no we did'nt plan for it together, ha!)

erm, yup thats about it for 2009. see i'm very easy to maintained. i've been thinking about braces for a really long time too. just that i've never really set about doing it. but will have to wait till feb or so for my first pay, lol!!

but why contacts? err, because i've always been afraid of sticking my finger into my eye? i'm not sure too but getting contact seems like a grown up thing to do. and because i guess the hassle of wearing glasses during manual labour doesn't seem appealing to me, so contacts it is!

quite exciting isn't it?! many, many laugh out loudsssssss...


Sharin said...

Hi Qiuxian,

Being a civil servant means you gonna stop your rosebayflowers business?

My sister is also a civil servant. Where are you gonna work?

Before I forget, merry christmas! All the best for the new year and new job!

lovely said...

hello sharin,
a blessed christmas to you and your family too!! :)

i'll be working for national parks (nparks) in botanic gardens, hence the gardener term haha.. though my official term is known as horticulture officer. and ya i'll stop rosebayflowers for the time being.

thank you so much for your support, just by reading my blog (",)

jesus is the reason for this season!! blessed Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharin said...

Oh... That should be quite a good job switch! At least it's a civil servant job~

Anyway, happy boxing day~

Enjoy this holiday season before you start on your new job!