Thursday, December 18, 2008


for this past week, i've been teaching floral lessons at a special school. this school is catered to special needs children. children with autism, slow learning disabilities and down syndrowm. as my friend is a teacher in this school, she wanted them to learn a new skill to equip them with some basic floral knowledge, so as to enable them to find relevant jobs in the future.

at first i was hesitant to take up this offer. because i know the demands of a florist, the hectic working style and the draining physical work, i felt that those kids will not be able to handle it well. i was lost as to what i can teach them and certainly unsure if they know what i was talking about. but she assured me that the kids who will be taking this class are the high-functioning kids. meaning they are more adapted to the surroundings and much responsive to people. and so i agreed.

well, my worries were unfounded. what greeted me on the first day was their enthusiasm, their willingness to learn and joy. it amazes myself and pr(one of my teacher friend who kindly avail herself to help out) was their child like mind and their naivety. they were always so ready with our requests, their smiles and their chirpy, 'good morning miss qx!' they are just so adorable! and you'll be amazed that they look like normal people, no one can tell they have some problems to a certain degree.

but pr can't help but wonder at the lack of support for the school and the kids. as she is a teacher in an aided-government school, she told me about the vast differences between the 2 schools. like lack of security features, the old school building and some other stuff. and one can't help but wonder why are the special needs children the forgotten ones? however, they are much more fortunate than those of yester-years.

while they used to be a hush-hush matter, at least there's more exposure and help for them now.
but at what level?

i'm not sure why i'm writing all these down but as tomorrow is my last lesson with them, i truly hope i can and will help them as much i can. i'll miss them. miss their cheekiness and their smiles.

and it seems to me that when you can't have the world at the tip of your hand, all you have is your heart and your smile to face the world.


Sharin said...

"... When you can't have the world at the tip of your hand, all you have is your heart and your smile to face the world."

Well said, Qiuxian~

You are already helping these children when you teach them floral lessons, so put it too hard upon yourself.

Jia you~

Anonymous said...

I'll miss them too.

:) PR