Friday, January 30, 2009

off tangent

making plans makes the future exciting as it gives us something to look forward to. i'm looking forward to our trips!

i wanna get an mp3 too. and after seeing my sister's shiny red ipod mini, i'm so wanting to get it too! just so i can listen to songs and sermons. very important you know? sheesh.. and also good to fall asleep to it, ha!

i'm really enjoying my study course now because:
- we get 2 tea breaks
- 2 hour lunch breaks
- finish class early

what more can we ask for?! its like holiday for us man. and my class people are all so funny. we talk about the lamest and weird stuff. its like back in poly days where we listen to lectures and ask funny questions to the trainers, lol!

my dad just called to ask if i'm still at sbg. he wanted to pick me up from work!! i have the sweetest father, heh.

and its normal if i get off tangent to blog about other irrelevant stuff. my mind is erm, stringy! like noodles!! haha!!!

anyways the weekend is here, enjoy while it lasts!!

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