Monday, January 26, 2009

what i'm doing now

with john's family

i'm stuffed from the reunion dinner! and its drizzling now, yipee!! hopefully it will rain tomorrow and the next. whats cny without all the rain eh?

did'nt get any new clothes for this year though, hmm just have to make do with it and come up with new ways to re-wear my other clothes heh. my husband is playing football with his friends now. and i'm enjoying this quietness alone at home. wanted to upload a bit more photos but its taking a long time and only managed to upload this 1 picture.

another pile of clothes to fold. at least the toilets and house have been cleaned. now i fully appreciate the importance of weekends, ha!

just lazing a bit more before turning in. i want to feel the cool breeze and hear the pattering sound of rain drops on my window.

alright, goodnight!

happy 'niu' year!!

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