Thursday, January 29, 2009


she's with me and doing fine. i'm happy to have her, for as long as she wants.

i've deleted the few previous posts due to the sensitive nature and well, anyway its family matters. all is well and whatever that has to be done will be done and whatever words that should be said has been said. this is now the healing process. and it shall be well and whole.

i've mentioned that i'm currently on a 1 month course right? and i'm enjoying it very much!! it feels so relaxing and carefree as i don't have to go back to office, ha! so far, the lessons are easy to understand and i've make many friends too. its just nice to mingle with different people and get to know them. their different work scope, their backgrounds and just geniuinely be friends with them.

and there's this nparks night for all the staff to attend on the 13th feb. its like a major gathering of dinner where there's dancing, food, games, lucky draw and friendly competition between the departments. and of all the competitions we had to do, my department is doing dancing!! and i think i have psycho-motor skills problem man! everytime my hands move, my legs don't move and when i want to move my legs, my hand don't move. i know i'll be making a fool of myself but at least i have many others with me, haha!!

awaiting another friend of mine to come aboard soon!!

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