Thursday, January 8, 2009

of jackpots and first time winnings!

hello!! we're back from genting!! it was a long drive up but we enjoyed it very much. we got to eat A&W's along the way and enjoyed the sights of malaysia, truly asia!!

my in laws. john's mum & her husband

first world hotel

the humongous lobby that's almost like an airport arrival hall
yes, thats how big it is

but they have tiny rooms

oh look who we bump into! fergie!
we managed to catch the match at some pub

the man
pillar of cloud

it was cold, 14C in the mornings and night and 24C at noon, so it was cool and refreshing to breath in the mountain air for a change.
these are clouds, not fog
the man enjoying the coolness of the air
but the highlight of the trip was not about the rides, erm not exactly as we went for the theme rides and had lots of fun. but the real highlight was.......................

going to the casino!!!!! this is then the real highlight man!

well it is my first time into a casino and i tried my hand at playing the jackpot and imagine your first time playing it and you won rm150 with rm10 start-up!!! so imagine the adrenaline of winning that money and you think you're god of gambler, ha!
and i helped my in-laws win rm250 when he was down to rm1 plus, that feeling was awesome-ness!! we were all so happy on the first night, having won this much money that we went every night, lol.
and what better way to spend the money other than on food? ha! so we went around just eating and playing some more jackpot and for the theme rides.
the brave ones
on the viking
the flying coaster. this was quite fun albeit too short a ride

the jackpot itself is quite brainless as we just keep pressing the repeat bet's button. the only time you can win was the amount of lines you bet on and if you're really lucky that day, the machine will keep giving you many wins and free spins and bonus points. thats how you win money that way. and of course the more money you play, the chances of winnings gets bigger. so the real danger is that it can get addictive here because you will keep feeding money into the machine to keep winning.

and when you're losing alot, you will keep thinking of putting more money in to cover back the losses. guess that's how people end up losing alot of money. and you're playing against the machine, so the odds of hitting it big is really low.
so whenever we make back to cover the amount and some more, we'll stop. no point being greedy, haha. and anyway, we only won on the first day, so for the second day, we lost quite abit but thankfully we had the winnings to cover.

plus the casinos there are really big! there was one hotel with a 2 storey casino, so imagine the number of jackpot machines, ha!
ok enough of jackpots! just wanna thank God for the smooth trip and the fun we had in genting. the winnings are a bonus ;p

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