Friday, January 9, 2009

cleaning out my storeroom

ooh woah!!

i'm taking a short break from clearing out my storeroom. within a short 2 years, i've amassed a huge collection of ribbons, wrappers, candles, more ribbons, vintage ribbons and vases, hehe.. ok i'm guilty of hoarding stuff.

i'm clearing all these to sell to a fellow florist friend, hope she will take them all so i don't have to pack them again, ha!

do i feel sentimental towards my stuff? not really. right now i just want to have more space in the storeroom before i packed my office. argh!! more stuff to pack!!

monday is coming real soon and that's when i will start work. yikes! feeling nervous and apprehensive. because of the early hours i guess and it has been 2 years since i've last work with other people, hope my social skills have not turn rusty ;p

feeling sleepy though, but the storeroom is calling out to me. cross my fingers that i will not turn to mr zzz instead, ha!

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