Tuesday, January 13, 2009


today was my 2nd day and my legs are aching like crazy!! ok, a brief recap of my work life at nparks.

basically, what a horticulture officer does is to ensure the area they're in charge are neat, clear of rubbish, supervise the workers and to make round checks in the morning and late noon. alot of walking is involved under the hot sun. and whatever else that needs to be done gets done.

and i wonder how am i going to survive the 3 years? hmm.... by then i'll be very fit and hopefully not very tanned, ha!

anyway thank goodness i'll be away for some course training for the whole of feb! hehe, and i'll be learning how to drive too!! well technically, though its a buggy, lol! yes!! and there's a certificate to boot too.

thank God for favor, as my colleagues are very helpful and patient with me. esp my buddy. she has help me alot. be it the area of IT, setting up my table, bringing me around and giving me alot of tips. and thank God for wisdom and good memory! i need lots of it!!

and anyway there's no msn in my office, shucks. but my friend told me to try ebuddy. its like msn too, i shall try it tomorrow.

off to sleep now!

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