Friday, April 15, 2011

Its ok now

Everytime I'm faced with this blank space on blogger trying to write a post, the jumbled thoughts are there but the words can't seem to flow out. Hence, the hiatus. Well, and mainly there were too many things happening the past year and I was simply too heavy hearted to write anything down. All I could do was get angry, miserable, bitter, ashamed, the list goes on. I was wondering what the hell did it happened and why us? Was'nt things going fine? Why did things get blown out of proportion? Hearing different sides of stories, and afraid to confront to get the truth, it was dark times indeed. As I look back right now, I am at least grateful for some things. My mother-in-law's support and help, my sister's unwavering generosity and the care and concern of the little friends we have left. I am truly grateful for the time they have given us to pick up the pieces. We are in the midst of picking up, but here and there more crumbs are still falling on us. But we're just have to carry on. And also, I really don't know if my faith is strong enough too. Its wearing thin and many times I don't even know if His help will come. But I know I cannot give it up. If I give it up, I know I will really have nothing to hold onto anymore. So God, please. Last year was not kind to us. Please let this remaining year be of what you promised. The year of your crowned goodness. I'm not asking for much now, I just want us to get out of this mess with a clean slate and start anew. Thats all. Thanks! As for this blog, I'll try to update more but no promises.

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