Tuesday, April 19, 2011

baby loves water

What do you get when you unleashed a baby and a water fountain together?!!

Joy and cuteness to the max!!!!

This is him enjoying himself tremendously at a water fountain area in Clark Quay!

So there we were walking around when we chanced upon this. At first, when my sis and husband asked if I'll allowed him (Benjamin, not my husband) to play in it, I was hesitant as we did'nt go there prepared to get him wet. So we moved right along.

Then after somehow walking back to the same water fountain after a short break at TCC, they asked me again. And this time, my husband made a bet with my sis. They were making bets on whether if Benjamin will play with the water if we brought him into the water area. My sis said no, but my husband was pretty confident that Benjamin will played in it. And so the bet was 2 pints of beer should he win. (Because Pump Room was there)

And needless to say, this boy surprised us by dashing straight into it!! He was chuckling and laughing and having so much fun playing with the water. And there was this photographer who asked us for permission to take his photos. And soon, there was this small crowd that had gathered to take his pictures! It was so funny, looking at them take his pictures, man I should have collected royalties, ha!

Anyways, my husband was also surprised that I had actually allowed him play in the water. And he summed it up nicely when he replied, 'it makes you happy to see him happy right?'

And indeed, I was happy to see him happy!

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