Thursday, April 28, 2011

The night he went bananas!

I'm so proud of you Benjamin! Your first real word!

Well techincally its not really a first full word, because he only pronounced the vowels but still! Haha, I'm a proud mama.

We were over at my mum's place having dinner last night. And usually after dinner, we will try to have some fruits, like you know to aid in our digestion. So my dad bought out some bananas and asked me to feed Benjamin some. And I swear this little guy has a built in radar for food!

The moment he saw the plastic bag, immediately he came over to where I was sitting and began to beg for food. So I was like telling him to sit down first (gosh I sound like I'm training a dog here, ha!) while I took out the bananas. And the moment he saw them, he was so excited that he stood up and shouted, "na nas!"

And we were all so tickled by him! He looked absolutely adorable doing that man. I can't help but keep laughing and feeling so proud of him. Looks like all the training in saying out the names of food while feeding him has paid off!

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