Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sundays and a Robin Hood sort of, to fight for your rights to have a romantic dinner

Today is Sunday, Sunday beautiful Sunday,

Gotta go out and have some fun!

(sing to the tune of Rebecca Black's Friday, its a silly song but I like it)


So the deal was my sister will be going to London in June to visit her boyfriend. And apparently, the boyfriend's sister will be tagging along with them. Guess what? To get over a broken heart. But is'nt it weird to be travelling with another couple? Would'nt it make you even more heart broken? Like you see them holding hands, having silly laughs and there you are like a reminder for them to remember like, 'oh wait! There's a heartbroken child we'll have to look after.

Oh man!' And the funniest part is just coming up.... my husband feels the most, whats the word? Unjustified, haha.

He went on the whole night yakking on and on about what a party pooper she is, blah blah blah and what a dense boyfriend she has to even agreed to his sister tagging along. And the most unfounded, even for my standards was he even asked his sister along for their 1 year anniversary dinner at a Gordan Ramsey restuarant! I think this was the catalyst for my husband's ranting.

My goodness, he was literally like trying to fight for their rights to have dinner on their own. Hilarious!! And all this while, my sister was very calm and zen like in her rationale. Well, I'm not sure if the heartbroken sister is ever going to tag along on their fancy dinner, but if ever I need someone to fight a case for me, I'll know who to call now.

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