Thursday, April 21, 2011

sad news but happily ever after might just be round the corner

Gosh! I read this and felt so sad for the baby. Really wonder how can his mother do such a cruel thing?! Not just buried but apparently the baby was most probably strangled as there was a piece of black trash bag knot tied around his neck. And kudos to the uncle who heard the baby's cries and went to probe around. Guess this is one of those times that we're have to be thankful for those smoker's break, otherwise this uncle would not have managed to save the baby.

I pray for a wonderful family to be able to adopt this baby and may he grow up with lots of love surrounding him. He deserves so much more! As for the mother, I really have nothing to say. Just hopes she gets help or get locked away in a basement with a trash bag tied to her neck!
I'm angry but still empathised with her, argh!

On more sad news, I found out 1 of my colleagues might have prostrate cancer at the age of 23! He's so young and living here on his own and to top it off, he has no choice but to resign from his job as his landlord decided to sold his house, left him with 1 month's notice to get another room but unfortunately due to the high rental in town and his relatively low salary, he was'nt able to do so. And on top of that, he also has to break his bond and compensate the company and flight tickets back to England. Triple whammy man.

This week is passing by too slowly with so much sad news. The good news is its finally Thursday and Friday is on its way to a long weekend!

Hope with the much awaited long weekend, it'll bring a new week of good news and happy endings might just be round the corner.

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