Monday, January 30, 2012

Another one

Okay after a long long break, I'm glad the six of you are still hanging around my blog. Who are these six? I haven got no clue at all. But thank you nevertheless for hanging around!

Anyway remember this?

I'll take it back. Every.Single.Word.

Because I'm having a second baby.

Till date, I'm still a little in shocked but mostly in denial. After being so staunch on having just 1 kid, this really comes as a huge surprise for me. I was beginning to enjoy my new found freedom, my new found figure, enjoying my clothes and just when I thought I might begin to exercise regularly, I got pregnant.

Does walking to the fridge and back count as exercise? Guess not.

P.S: Unplanned or not, I prefer to called it lust and passion taking control over our bodies. At least it sounds a little bit more exciting and thrilling than calling it 'an accident'.


June said...

Congrats babe! Yes, that definitely sounds more exciting. ;) Exercising is still possible, and perhaps even good too, just take erm, baby steps?

life-muse said...

Thanks June!I LOL at your baby steps.. like literally right? ;p

Susan said...

I'm one of those 6 I guess :)
the doctors always advise swimming, it's easy enough and you still get a good stretch.

Ruth said...

Congrats!!! I'm now surrounded by preggies! Make me feel like I should join the party too!

life-muse said...

Aww thank you for hanging around Susan! :'). Swimming is a possibility. But I have to get past the shyness of showing my belly! Haha

life-muse said...

Thanks Ruth! Come join as dragon mothers! Haha

Ruth said...

Ok, I'll try *lol* btw, how many months pregnant are you? Do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?

life-muse said...

Gee I'm not sure as I haven been to a gynae yet, hee... But based on a GP we saw, might be 10-12 weeks.. Looking around for a new gynae as the previous one takes too long for us to see her! Hoping its a girl! :)