Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Horses and mispronunciation

Rider's Cafe over the weekend. 


On top of this small hill, the scenery does not look like Singapore at all! Very tranquil and breezy.

a beautiful barren tree

taking orders

Over the weekend with my sister, she mentioned that he was laughing at some of the sounds her make up was giving out. Her make up can do sounds? Interesting.

loved his sense of humour!

P.S: He has recently taken a strong liking to Thomas the tank engine. And has started to call Thomas' friend, Percy as Pussy. I'm sure his father would be proud of him. And I'm sure it is just a mispronunciation.


San said...

Always meant to go to the Riders' Cafe, and in true procrastinatory fashion... managed to STILL not make it there.

But I love that first photo... looks postcard perfect! :)

life-muse said...

It is lovely over there! Watching the horses trod by and hearing them clopping around is very therapeutic.

Alas, the food is a little on the pricey side though. We ordered 2 desserts, 1 side dish and 3 drinks and its about $70. But really lovely scenery!

Ruth said...

I love Riders Cafe, one of my fav place in Singapore!

life-muse said...

We like it too! There's Marmalade Pantry beside it and hopefully we can try it out soon!

Ruth said...

I went to Marmalade Pantry few months ago. Here's my review of the place:

life-muse said...

The breakfast looks tasty though.. Will give it a try! Thanks Ruth! :)

pc said...

lovely pictures:). cute kid there!

hi, hop from Ruth's site. enjoy the refreshing site of yours. and, congratulation on second baby:). take care!

life-muse said...

Hi pc,

thank you for dropping by and for the well wishes! :) Am trying to eat healthily-ly! haha

Madeline said...

San, I'm with u! I've always wanted to go but still have not gone! Haha

$70 is ex! Hmmm I might change my mind.. Lol

life-muse said...

Hi Madeline! Ya its pricey but the place itself is worth making a trip!