Monday, January 16, 2012


The son has turned two! We just had a simple family celebration for the little cheeky fellow that has stolen all our hearts.

I had earlier planned a birthday BBQ for him, but as we'll not be around for the CNY, I brought forward his birthday celebration one week in advance. I do feel a little guilty leaving him behind though, what's more on his actual birthday this Saturday, but I know he'll be in good hands with my sister. All the more no one to stop him from all the sweets and soft drinks! Gah!

maybe i'll try to bake his cake next year

the husband thinks i exaggerated his height.
okay maybe only because the son is really wriggly
when we tried to propped him against the wall

all styled up

my favourite picture!
uh that's not me though.
my model sis making the picture looked like an advertisement

he's only has eyes for the cake

Just received this from the husband:

his new buddy
After the party has ended and the husband and I finally went to bed, he turned around and told me this, "I think we did okay as parents. I mean we could have done alot worse, right?" 


It has been an enjoyable two years with its ups and downs, scares and milestones. But what it has taught me is that with a kid, there's no hard and fast rules to live life by anymore. I mean, there is a time to teach, discipline and to instilled proper values in them, yet its also about loving life, living life and laughing together with life. 

I think that's the best part with having kids. In the midst of teaching them, we discover more about ourselves too.

To become a better person, to stay true to oneself and most of all, I discover how much more I am able to love.

Guess that's what kids are for.


Ruth said...

Happy birthday little Ben!! Guess what, my boy has that same flower top :) I love your idea of marking your son's height with each birthday. Is it on a real wall or a piece of paper/cardboard pasted on the wall? So are you going on a holiday this CNY?

life-muse said...

Thank you Ruth! Kenan's birthday should be these few days too right? Wishing him Happy Birthday! :)

I marked it on the real wall. Actually I'm very ok with him drawing on it too, provided he used the washable crayolas, heh..

Yeah we're going to BKK this CNY with my sister-in-law, her husband, my stepmum-in-law and the husband's younger siblings too! Doing some serious shopping thus not bringing the son along!

Prosperous New Year to you and your family! ^_^

Ruth said...

You're making me envious! How I wish I can get away for CNY too. Have fruitful trip! :) Prosperous New Year to you and family too!

June said...

Happy birthday little Ben! So true, your statement about discovering more about ourselves. I feel like I'm learning something new each day too... Blessed CNY!

life-muse said...

Thank you June! Wishing you and family a prosperous Chinese new year! :)