Friday, January 13, 2012

Non taken at all

Actually, I'm the most un-girl sort of girl. I mean I like to be pretty and all, but when it comes to matters of the heart, I clam up like a man. Totally clueless, non-confrontational and kinda like an ostrich. So long as I bury my head in the ground, there's really nothing to worry about. Yeah, I'm in denial.

The husband on the other hand, likes to talk about it. He likes to tackle it head on and gets bruised and battered, just so we can iron things out. So not for me. I'll let it steep and boiled and festered in me till it explodes. I know, its that bad.

So sometimes, I really wonder what the husband sees in me. I am unreasonable when I'm angry, mood swings aplenty, not very good at cooking, sewing, cleaning. Just generally not a very nice person to get along with.

Point being?

I just thought that not every girl is a girly girl and every guy a guy-ly guy(?)

 I'm making up words now.

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