Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I hope the pictures of food is good enough to entice you back

On Christmas, the husband made dinner. Have I mentioned that he makes a really mean steak? Yes, he does.

Our dinner:

greens are always good

aphrodisiac, but gave me the runs. But!
its the yummiest oyster I've ever eaten 

pan seared seabass

black angus

finished off with his own brew
 And then his uncle made dinner a few days back:

smoked duck

steam fish with salted vegetables

egg omelette with ham

Really got to hand it to a man with a pan. Sorry if it sounds a little corny!

love his thick eyelash
In other news, my father-in-law passed away last week. All I can say is, in the end, the ones whom holds you dear will be right with you till the end.


San said...

Well... your photos are certainly enough for me to go and get steak for dinner tonight too!!! A man with a pan ... definitely a keeper! ;)

life-muse said...

Haha, yeah definitely! :)

Ruth said...

Lucky woman! Got a man who can cook so well. I'm soooo envious! Btw, sorry to hear abt your FIL. It must be a tough time for those closest to him. Take care!

life-muse said...

Thank you Ruth for your warm concern. Yes its a difficult time now for my husband and his sister as they were very close to him as he brought them up single handedly.

Haha and I'm really thankful that he can cook much better than me. At least we won't starve, haha...