Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's in the genes, somewhere

He has recently learnt how to make monkey faces. 

if you have them, squeeze them!

i squeeze them good

and i also have to practise my smothering look.
pardon the poker card. my parents are using it to teach me numbers

look ma! i have straight teeth!

my boyband look

the second one

And on the speech development part, the son is a talker. He still mumbles a whole lot of jumble but when it comes to communicating his needs and wants, he is able to do so very well.

When he feels he has eaten enough, he will go "I'm done!" and I'll take one look at his bowl and go, " Not so fast young man, you're not done".

When he's at the supermarket or at any store, he'll pick up some sweets or chocolates and go, "This one?" and I'll go, "No way. Put it back". Unless I'm craving for it too, then we'll share.

And the longest sentence he ever conjured was when  looking for his father and he'll go, "Daddy! Where are you? I can't see you!"


P.S: Both the husband and I started talking late, around 3 years old. So it's really a mystery to us who he takes after.


Ruth said...

He's so cute in these pics!!! Love him!! My boy loves going out shopping with us. His favourite words are "Buy this!" and will run to the cashier with the item in his hands!

life-muse said...

Wah your Kenan is really clever! Hahaha so do you usually buy for him?

Ruth said...

No way!! We'll go broke if we indulge him every time he says "buy this!"

life-muse said...

LOL! My husband will sometimes ask the son if he wants, but thankfully most of the time he would tell us to put back instead, heh. Unless he really wants it like a packet of Ribena, then its ok.