Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We drove all the way for this

Went on a mini food trip with the parents in law to Malacca over the weekend. Everytime we go there, we always go back to the same stall for our laksa and chendol fix. Its the best! To us, the stall's name is simply 88 Jonker Street ha.

Some pictures to share:

the most awesome Assam laksa, ever

the most awesome chendol, ever

the most awesome husband and kid, ever

the most awesome sister, with her newfound boyfriend,ever?

the awesome kid with the yellow guy tagging behind
thankfully, he got deflated along the way
Had loads of fun just walking around, tasting and eating the good food along their night market at Jonker Street. Shopped around their shopping malls, went up their historical site, climbed up an old fort and simply just hang out together as a family.

Came back with pineapple tarts and tau sau piah and happy bellies for everyone.

Next stop, Ipoh?


Ruth said...

I've never tried assam laksa, is it very sour? I love my laksa with thick gravy - at the moment, my fav is the claypot laksa at Alexandra hawker. Tried that? The second best the 928 Yishun Laksa. Btw, your boy looks very much like your hubby :)

life-muse said...

Its not like sour sour, but tangy sour, hmm hope you know what I mean haha.. I like those thick laksa, occasionally cos can get quite jelat. Have not tried those that you've mentioned but will try! Both my husband and I like this stall in Queensway Shopping Centre that sells the original Katong Laksa.
My husband would be pleased to know that his son looks like him! I'll tell him! haha

Susan said...

Ruth, you have to try it then. I was never a fan of Assam laksa until I tried it in Penang. The one served in Gurney Drive at Suntec is not bad.
I love Malacca's chendol!

life-muse said...

Yeah, never tried Assam laksa till we went to Malacca. Their chendol is really really awesome! Bought a packet of their Gula Melaka back to try out, haha! Ruth you must try!

Ruth said...

Ok! I'll try the Assam Laksa, see if we get a chance this weekend. Will go to the restaurant at Suntec that Susan suggests :) Yes, the chendol looks lovely! Was thinking of the Malaysia food street at RWS. Tried that yet?

life-muse said...

Eh no cos we seldom go to RWS, hee.. but I just read on the papers there's a new Penang cafe at Gurney Drive? Maybe will try that.