Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The truth will truly set you free

Spot the baby bump or post lunch/dinner tummy:

top: Cotton On, floral maxi skirt: BKK, flats: Gmarket

actual baby in baby bump

We finally made a trip to the gynae yesterday and found out I'm 11 weeks into the pregnancy. That's almost the end of my first trimester!

Second round this time, I'm feeling alot more queasy and craving for more sweet stuff than the first. And alot more muddle headed. This would be an understatement though, heh.

Before we found out I was pregnant, I was in denial all the time. The husband keep insisting I do a home pregnancy test but I keep resisting it, insisting instead that it's my period. A month and a half went past and I was still insisting it.

Only after we finally got it tested at home and confirmed at a GP, then it really sink in. Okay, only after yesterday's visit, then it truly sank in that I'm pregnant.

I told you I'm in denial.

P.S:  The husband will tell you my change in learning the truth was a 360 C turn. Immediately after knowing the result, I was like, "Dear, I'm so tired", "My stomach is cramping", "I'm so hungry!" "I want to eat this!"

How would he know? He's never been pregnant before.


Ruth said...

So how do you feel abt this pregnancy... beginning to get excited? How about your boy? Does he know? :)

life-muse said...

Well sorta I guess. It feels strangely familiar though, haha. But I'm the sort of person that gets progressively excited as the plan goes along. I am looking forward to the soft baby smell and their cradling but the husband had to remind me about the feeds, the burping and whatever nots, hai. We've told our son that mama has a baby in her stomach but don't think he can grasp it yet. Maybe when my tummy gets real big, then I think he might get surprised! ;p

Susan said...

Wow end of first trimester already? That's really soon. So baby's due in August? Being pregnant is the time when you get pampered so tell your hubby to pamper the Queen :)

life-muse said...

Ya! We were quite surprise it's quite far along too. Edd is early sept but may also arrived in Aug. Yeah now I'm just playing my pregnancy cards well haha. Really this is the time to enjoy as much as possible! :)