Friday, February 24, 2012

One small step for the son, but giant savings for my wallet

In terms of milestone, I think this pretty much tops the list.

The son is sort of toilet trained, on the peeing part.

We sort of got him started months ago when during every shower, I'll take off his clothes and diaper and make him go 'ssh ssh' at the shower area. Slowly, it progress to the toilet bowl where I'll just carry him up and go 'ssh ssh?' And ssh ssh ssh ssh ssh ssh, you get the drift.

Also, other signs that showed me he was sort of ready to be toilet trained was that after every nap, his diaper would still be dry or that after a few hours, when I would want to changed his diaper, it stayed dry. That sort of convinced me that perhaps he's ready. I've also done some research online and they all said the same things.

And so we took the plunge and went diaper-less yesterday. And he has prompt us when he would like to go 'ssh ssh'. He did this by grabbing his diaper and go 'ssh ssh' and that was the cue.

Right now, we're working on the pooping part. But we're definitely not in a hurry to rush him. Pee is easier to clean than poop, don't you think?

P.S: In a bid to encourage him to drink more water too, I've told him the more water he drinks, the more he'll get to ssh ssh. He thinks its fun to do so because his aim is really bad and when he sprays all over, he laughs big time.  


Ruth said...

Oh, I do what you did in the bathroom too and his diapers are also not as wet when he wakes up in the morning and only after he's up then he starts peeing. So I think I better start toilet-training him too. How do you get him to pee at the toilet bowl? Do you get him to stand on it?

life-muse said...

Yes I'll carry him and let him stand on the seat. Just be careful that their aiming is totally off the mark!