Thursday, February 2, 2012

He does soft and I go hard

I really ought to take a photo or a video of how he does it. One look at it and you'll know its fake.

I'm talking about the son's fake crying. Everytime he does that when he gets a scolding from us, he does this fake cry that is so bad that it puts the Razzies winners to shame. Really. And when he knows that its not working, he'll do his ultimate weapon. He'll blow his nose so hard that all the mucus will flow out and dripped all over. We really got a child actor in the makings here.

So yesterday, I was preparing to go out and so I politely told him to keep his toys back into his toy box. He obliged by putting one toy back. So I asked him to keep all his toys back. Went to get ready in the room, went back into the living room and found out he was playing somewhere else. Raised my voice a little to get him to please keep all his toys back into his toy box. No response.

By this time, we were running late and I was getting frazzled. I am a pregnant mother now high on pregnancy hormones and you do not step on my toes like that. Ever.

So I grabbed him by his arm, pulled him to his play area and shouted at him to keep all his toys. By now, he knew he was in trouble and proceeded to cry, a fake cry somemore!

That really blew me off. I took the cane and warned him if he does not keep his toys, I will use the cane on him.

Me: Do you want to keep your toys?
Son: *Shakes his head and cries* Don't want, don't want, put back (he was referring to the cane)
Me: Proceeds to cane him, on his pants.
Son: Cries somemore.
Me: Do you want to keep your toys?!
Son: *Shakes his head and cries* Don't want, don't want.
Me: Canes him on his pants, repeatedly.
Son: Daddy! Daddy!
Me: No looking for Daddy!

By now, he was wailing so loud that he woke the husband up from his nap. The husband then came over and gently told the son to keep his toys.

I then slapped the husband's hands away and told him not to help him.

But he still did. I almost wanted to cane him too.

Anyway after much cajoling from the husband, the son finally kept all his toys back into his toy box. The husband then got him to apologized to me and to give me a hug but I was still so angry and walked away.

Point being?

And too bad for him, I play hard ball.

P.S: Just to clarify on the caning part. I do not use much force when I use the cane. The husband even chided me for caning on his pants. He said one good one on his thighs and he'll be scared, saves you much time too. I'm actually a noob at this. 

*If you're really really angry, that's not the best time to cane a child. Walk away, cool off abit and then discipline. Never cane a child when you know you're losing it. Once you lose it, it becomes abuse.


Ruth said...

My boy does the crying thing too!! I don't buy it so when he sheds the 'crocodile tears', I told him to stop and tell him know crying doesn't solve the problem. These days, he does stop quite soon after I tell him to, guess he knows it's not working on mama now. Dunno what else he will do :P

life-muse said...

Makes you wonder where they learn from right?! I usually will not give him any attention but that day was just a bad day, haiz.

San said...

Your hubby's philosophy and my hubby's one is the same. Mine think no point "wasting" time with "soft" fake canings. -.-" LOL!

Oh, but I think all kids somehow learn that fake crying, and wailing out buckets-full of tears (before tearfully opening their eyes to see if you've relented) :)

life-muse said...

But where or who they learn from? It's really baffling or either that it's innate in them already. Both husbands know each other?? Haha ;p