Friday, June 10, 2011

At the movies

The husband and I went to watch it yesterday! I kinda liked it more for the human stories, not so much of the alien part though. Basically, its a coming of age movie with an alien thrown in. Another plus point was the way its filmed in a 70's way. Very retro, yet nostalgic. Makes you feel like you're really watching a movie made in the 70's. Too bad the special effects sort of dampened the whole feel of the movie. The train crashing? Too exaggerated.

And the child actors were great! Natural and raw acting especially the kid playing Charles. He's the one with the vocabalary that mothers' will not approve. Also providing comic relief is the kid playing Carey, he's the one who loves to blow up stuff with explosives.

Overall, Super 8 does have some similiarities with ET. A group of kids while hanging out in the summer, discovered aliens and tried to save them. Not surprising as its produced by Steven Spielberg and  director JJ Abrams being his fan.

So if you don't like ET, you can give Super 8 a miss.  

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