Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is when I got star struck

Okay, *deep breaths*

I've been reading and following this mum's blog for a while. Her writings are witty, humourous and her 2 kids are so darn cute! And I think she's quite an established blogger as she is with Nuffnang and has a large number of followers, including me ha!

So recently, she announced on her blog that she had just launched her new business Child Label. And being a curious cat, I went to take a peek at what she's offering. Its stickers for kids. But! Before you scoffed at stickers, these are actually useful stickers. These are label stickers.

As my son is growing older and is going to accumulate more stuff like water bottles, bags, toys and when he starts going to school, he'll need to have his stuff labelled. And as all mothers know, there's nothing more terrifying than finding out that another child has drank from your precious child's bottle or eaten snacks from his lunchbox! So you see, labelling is important, at things not people though.

Okay, I'm digressing a bit here. So basically, she's having a contest on her blog whereby you can leave a comment and random winners will be picked to win her stickers. And I left a comment and this is the best part, she replied!

i'm a fan girl. click for a bigger image

This is like an idol replying to her fan and it really made my day!

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