Monday, June 20, 2011

The flash by kind of weekend that nobody likes

The weekend came by, barely said hello and swoosh it went! Busy busy, this weekend.

On Sat, we were thinking of where to have for breakfast and we decided to try Red Star. Its a Hong Kong dim sum place at Chinatown. I've read on some websites and forums that highly recommend Red Star raving about their dim sum. And being a char siew pau girl, I must give it a try,ha! A good char siew pau is like a yardstick for a good dim sum place. The pau must be fluffy and soft, and the fillings moist and sweet.

When we were there, we were expecting a long queue considering we reached around 11 plus. Surprisingly the queue moved quite fast and to my amazement, the place was huge! I was expecting some dingy restuarant as it was quite an old establishment, hee. Sorry but I repent!

Just the size of the kitchen is a testament to the popularity of this place. I think the kitchen is already bigger than the size of a basketball court, serious.

I only managed 1 photo of the food before I got greedy and before its all gone:

the best roast meat, roast duck and porridge ever.

 The roast duck is awesome, awesome, awesome!  And so is the siew mai and porridge. Char siew pau? Hmm it was ok for me. The pau was alright but the fillings are too sticky, the kind that will stick to the roof of your mouth kind of sticky-ness. My food critic (the son) enjoyed the porridge alot too, not so much the pau. He did'nt really like it, ha! We also had some mini octupus, meat wrapped in yam paste, chicken feet, pork ribs and egg tart? I can't really remember if the egg tarts came, I was too busy to noticed it, hee.

Overall, Red Star is a good place to go to for good and affordable dim sum or if you want to impress your future parents-in-law. Or if you're planning to have your wedding dinner there. Its big enough for 40 to 50 tables max. Thats how big it is.


This is totally random but Daiso has this trolley to fit your kid in it, while you're busy trolling around for good buys.

this is a good trolley because it frees my hand to grab more things, ha.

And another random note. This song is stuck in my head. American teen rock, rocks! Irony is the band is not in their teens though.

Oh and I've won 4 tickets to the NDP preview show! Yay! But the husband thinks its a waste of time, bleah. I ballot for crazy on the website k. I'm now trying to rah-rah them into the national day spirit. And trying to think of ways to keep an 18 month old toddler and 29 year old kid entertained while waiting for the actual parade to start. Like starting from now.

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