Thursday, June 9, 2011

My life in purses and pouch

it doesn't stop here. i want more, more!

For as long as I can remember, I've always a thing for using purses and pouches. Wallets just does'nt cut it for me. I don't know why but it could be due to them being bulky, very grown-upish or the fact that I refused to acknowledge I'm getting old-er.

So I turned to purses and pouches. Its cute, quirky and best of all, they are available in all sizes, colours, designs and shapes. I've a wristlet for my important cards, a coin purse for my small change, another pouch for my office stuff and another small pouch my for fare card and another one for my headphones. I know you're thinking is'nt it more troublesome to have so many pouches in a bag?! Well, the answer is nope! Haha.. but my husband thinks I'm crazy to have so many though.

And I love my polka dots. Everytime I see a cute polka dot purse or pouch, I have an uncontrollable urge to own it! The last count was 3 tote bags, 3 pouches, 1 coin purse, 1 mini tray all in polka dots. And the best place for my fix is Daiso, as its cheap and they have so many varieties!

Right now, my life will be complete if these are mine:
i've always havd a soft spot for snap purses

you may be polka dot on the inside, but i still like you

you're the one for my fare card!

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