Monday, June 6, 2011

There's a new tea in town and it's tealicious!

one poke away from bubble tea goodness

thats right baby!

So, this is it. Its my new found addiction and I'm not gonna share it. So there! Ha!

In my humble opinion, this is by far the nicest milk tea I've drank. Not that I'm some sort of tea connoisseur, but after trying the blah Sweet Talk, the okay only Koi and the slightly better than Koi, Gong Cha's milk tea, this is my current favourite.

So far, I've tried their Signature Assam Milk Tea, Roasted Oolong Milk Tea and Honey Jasmine Green Milk Tea. The Assam Milk Tea has a good balance between the milk and Assam tea. The first time I tried it, it was a tad too sweet, but the second time when I ordered it again and I realised that we can choose the level of  sweetness between less sugar or no sugar (I chose the former), it was so much better!

The Roasted Oolong Milk Tea might come across too strong for first time drinker but with each sip you take, the Oolong Tea's fragrance really stands out on its own. And the Honey Jasmine Green Milk tea is very refreshing! Great if you're just looking to quench your thirst.

As for the pearls, they are chewy and of the right texture. Not like some others that I've tried which tends to be too sticky and too chewable for my liking, hee. And they come in a smaller size, just right to gubble up the fat straw yet not too much to choke on it.

However tealicious is currently available at............................................................. nah... I'm not going to share, hahahahahahahha!

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