Friday, June 24, 2011

Slow poke Friday!

or waterboys

Phew! Friday finally crawled over! Thought it will never reached us! Gonna spent the weekend with my boys mucking around but first got to think of places to explore. Ideas?

And this is the fun pack for this year's NDP!

reusables, but where are the tibits?
So this year, the fun pack are all eco friendly! With light sticks being able to change into a table lamp, a tote bag made of biodegradable material and a flag stand that can be used as a card holder etc, just 1 more question- will there be another national favourite? SNACKS?!

I know, I know. I'm being truly shallow here for all the talk about being eco friendly and the only concern I raised was the snacks? Hey! Its a long wait for the parade to start with all the reaching there early and grabbing the best seats okay!

Anyways, I'm positive there will be, just that they were'nt included in the pictures. Cross my 10 fingers and toes!

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