Thursday, June 30, 2011

At the movies and other random happenings

This is like to catch up on the past few days of missing action, heh.

So yesterday the husband and I went to catch Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Totally not nice, at all. Its too draggy and what seems to be a 2 hour show felt like an eternity to me! I really felt like the show's not gonna end. And when it finally does, its seems abit too abrupt. Like the supposedly powerful Optimus Prime went missing for the last 20 mins and just when its all about to end, he suddenly appeared from nowhere and bam! just like that, killed off the bad guy. I want my money back!

metal overdose

After which we went to pick my sis up from the airport! She bought some lovely Cath Kidston stuff for me, gonna take some pictures soon!

@changi waiting to pick my sis, a rainbow we saw otw there and a sleeping baby

This boy really loves his water. Whenever we bring him to a water play area, he'll gets all excited and raring to go!
he really loves his water play

he really really loves it

And remember this? Guess what?! I really won! First time ever in my life, I took part in a contest and won something! Proof that it exists:

i can't believe i actually won it and its not a fragment of my imagination

It has somehow got to me to try and enter random contest to win something now. My mission for the remaining 2011, ha!

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