Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I wonder where they got it from

This is a funny one. 

We were on the coach driving up to Malaysia when the son started to cry because I couldn't allow him to have any more sweets or something like that. And because he was doing a fake cry, I purposely ignored him and did not give him any attention.

After crying for a while, he asked for some tissue paper. I asked him if he really wants some tissue and he said yes, so I pass him some. 

And he proceed to wipe his own tears. 

Very drama-mama this boy.

ice cream treat

colouring lessons, mostly i enjoyed it more

ta-dah! drawn to accuracy

having smashing  fun with my sister's present.
he literally smashed it

P.S: I received an email recently inviting me to join a beauty challenge. I was flattered as they said I've been invited to participate as I am a prominent beauty and life style blogger in Singapore?

Little do they know the truth. I'm just a micro-organism floating around.


Susan said...

I also got that email and found them very insincere. Wonder if I should take it as a compliment or not.
Hearing about your son, it's not just the girls who are Drama Queens!

life-muse said...

Really! I reply them enthusiastically about their product and they replied back! Haha it's on weight loss and all I can say is their PR or whoever is not doing their homework properly LoL. Don't really recommend weight loss programme to anyone. Ya my son is really drama mama and we really wonder who he learns it from. Both my husband and I are not like that ha.