Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One just has to make do with make believe

Talking about stories, I have another one to share. 

Just the other night I was putting the son to sleep. All was well, I fell asleep first (what's new?) and all of a sudden, the son got up, brought the tissue box over and started pulling the tissues out one by one. And proceed to throw them all over the bed while exclaiming, 'Snowing! Snowing!' 

I really didn't know to laugh or to scold him. 

Today's outfit:

cardigan: defunct blogshop, lace top: Topshop, belt: Mphosis
jeans: Uniqlo, flats: Gmarket

P.S: I realised this shot made me look like a man wearing woman's clothes. Or a woman wearing man's clothes. Who knew my clothes are so versatile?


Ruth said...

Your boy has great imaginations *clap clap*. In our family, the tissue boxes are placed way above where the little hands can reach. So my boy often goes for the toilet roll instead!

life-muse said...

Oh my, imagine Kenan's joy when he knows that he has so much more tissue to play with! Haha... actually I got myself to blame too lar because just the other night, I was playing 'snowing' with him too. But using styrofoam, so he remembered all white stuff are 'snowing' haha

June said...

I think 'snow' is a wonderful way of playing make-believe! I love playing pretend with Vera too :P

life-muse said...

I love to play it too! Its such a great way to expand creativity and encourage the kids to think out of the box.