Friday, December 2, 2011

What to wear: Weekend trip to the high mountains

What to wear: Weekend trip to the high mountains

This weekend, I'll be away with my extended family, all thirty of us, to Genting Highlands! And to pack light for my small family of three, I've packed only a pair of jeans, Chucks and some tops for myself similar to the above for a 3D2N trip. I've also thrown in a scarf and belt to accessorize while keeping in mind to keep it light for my luggage.

I'm quite nervous actually as this will be the first time the son is going on such a long journey in a coach. The first time was to Malacca but he was smaller and much more manageable. Now, he's so much more active and I'm really worried as to entertaining him throughout the journey. Hopefully he will sleep throughout.

Keyword, hopefully.

Anyway, I'm just looking forward to a proper break and enjoying this huge family holiday. See you all when we get back!

P.S: My sister bought a ski jacket for the son claiming it might be too cold for him in Genting. I think she just needs another excuse to shop, that's all. Who doesn't, right?


Trish said...

I love those outfits - you're going to lookin' good up in the mountains :)

life-muse said...

Hi Trish, thank you for dropping by! :)

Ruth said...

How did the coach ride go for your boy? I'm thinking of going KL via coach but not sure how my son will take it. Did you bring lots of things to entertain him? Which coach did you use?

life-muse said...

Hey Ruth! The coach trip itself was not too bad, he slept through most parts of it. I didn't prepare toys or anything as we went with family members so that was enough to keep him entertained. For coach trip, I just got to ensure that sufficient snacks and milk are on hand for my son. We travelled with Grassland super VIP coach, clean and comfortable. :)

Ruth said...

Oh Grassland, have not tried that before. Is there TV at every seat? Do they link up with hotels? I used to travel to KL by Aeroline. The start and end point is at Harbourfront and they link up with some hotels in M'sia, so that was good.

life-muse said...

I think the one with TV is called Royal something. Sheesh I'm not sure if they do link ups with hotels as this trip was booked by my MIL as she's a travel agent. But I believed they should have tie ups with the hotels.

Mongs said...

have fun! The last time we went to GENTINg was 5 years ago. What we like is the cool and nice weather and the fun outdoor rides! The outfits are really nice, I love tights