Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To see good in times of bad, really

Christmas came and gone, and this was how we spent it:

the matchy matchy Ye Ye and grandkid

happy grandparents, grouchy grandkid?

preppy for Christmas

one must always clear his nose before breakfast

why we have 2 index fingers for

no photos!

his new ride from the ah gong

Today's outfit:

top: Jennie Shop, skirt: City Plaza, flats: Gmarket

I know its the festive holidays and all, but what do you do when you know that your loved one has not much time left?

Suddenly, its one tragedy one after another. Life.


Madeline said...

I know what u mean. My family has lost two people last month and won't be celebrating CNY. Certainly no mood for much celebrations..

life-muse said...

Sometimes it is these kind of curve ball that gets thrown at you that makes it hard to accept. But accept we still must.