Thursday, December 22, 2011

The smell of rain can sometimes smells like salted fish

Yesterday I got home and there was this stench, like something fishy and salty. So I smelled around and came to a conclusion that it was my uncle's sandals that was giving off the smell. 

This morning I wore my flats out and then I got a whiff of that smell. I looked down, took my feet out of my flats and goodness. The stench shoot straight up my nose.

I almost feel sorry for all the other passengers sharing the same bus with me. 

Today's outfit:

top: Gmarket, skirt: Primark, flats: City Plaza, bracelets: Diva

P.S: Its not the above flats, its the other one in the same design, but in black. Want to know how to get the smell? Just slosh through the rain and when not dried completely, stench will occurred. You're welcome.

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