Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sleeping with 3


I alternate between the three of them. 2 on the bed and one on the floor. All cramp into MY bedroom when there is a spare room just waiting for them to sleep in. (Ironically, they have no problems taking their naps in it, so I have really no idea why can't they just do the same for night time?!?!)

Life works in mysterious ways.


Four years down the road and two kids later, we're still co-sleeping.

Well, in the beginning the reason was there wasn't enough space as my in laws were staying with us and now with them shifted out, I have no reason to not chase the boys into their own rooms right? Right.

One night I asked Benjamin how long does he intend to continue sleeping with us, and he replied,"When I'm twenty years old!"

Oh god no.

In between sleeping with a serial tosser and a grown man on a Queen size bed and sleeping on a kiddie mattress with Jeb on the floor, it has taken a toll on my back and neck. They're really not as nimble as before. Sad.

I did tempt Benjamin with the idea of having his own double decker bed when I showed him a picture of it in an Ikea catalogue though. He does seem a little receptive but his only criteria was that I have to sleep with him.


I guess he did start young.
This was when Benjamin was 10 months old?

Dude, I want my bed back.


loonshi said...

You are not alone! Same here! After 7 years, I'm still sleeping with my 1st born in the same room.

I guess they need more time to be trained to sleep on their own.

Who knows one day they might chase us out of the room.. hehe..

life-muse said...

Wow 7 years?!

And thank you for leaving your comment here! :)