Monday, November 24, 2014

Life lessons for boys, from boys

Because my four year old talks wayyyyy too much for his age and for his gender, most of the complaints I've been hearing are pretty much one sided.

"Mama! Jeb Jeb poked my eye!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb tell me to go away!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb hit me with his toy!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb take my train!"

"Mama! Jeb Jeb never finish his food!"

"Mama! MAMA! MAMA!"

While poor Jeb might not be able to vindicate himself based on his brother's complains due to his limited vocabulary, my poor ears has not been given a break since Benjamin discovered talking either.

To be fair, I do know that Jeb tends to snatch and shriek and scream when things don't go his way, I do however try not to get involved when the boys fight. Why?

For one, it is highly amusing to watch them quarrel. One talks and the other grunts. Entertainment for me, exasperation for Benjamin.

Number two. Why should I? It's their battle, let them fight it out and may the strongest win. All's fair in toys and games.

Number three. Isn't fighting part of a childhood? You fight, you cry and you made up. Brotherhood bonding for them!

Number four. It's about not taking sides. Okay, this might be stretching a little because we all just want a little peace and quiet in the house right? So while I'm not proud to admit it, but I do tend to ask Benjamin to give way to Jeb. Just because.

Number five. So long as no one is injured, by all means fight. Perhaps the ones that do are most probably the toys. 

"I got my iron grip on kor kor! Muah hahaha!"
Jeb, 2 years old and grunting

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