Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Start of The Terrible Mother Series

Okay the title does not mean that I actually did something terrible to my children but rather its a series of blunders that I've made when it comes to my boys.

And this latest episode shall kick-start it.
I went home early on last Friday night as I was feeling feverish so I asked the husband to picked the boys up from their grandmas. I was fast asleep when they come home so when the husband told me that Jeb had another baluku* (again?!?! which is the umpteenth time) at the exact same spot on his forehead, I went into the other room to get the ointment to apply for him.


The next morning when I wanted to apply the same ointment for him again, I realised it was not his baluku cream (Hirudoid). 

It was..... wait for it... fungicort cream!

Meant for fungus growth. 

I actually thought it smelled a little different from Hirudoid but thought it might be due to my blocked nose when I kissed his forehead, haha.

And has any mothers ever witness an actual swelling of baluku? I have and it swells in the exact same manner as you would blow a balloon. You're welcome.

*Baluku: a local term for an angry bruise resulting from a fall.

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