Thursday, August 14, 2008


and just to avoid any bad blood from the previous posts, i wish to say that i truly love my friends. esp BY and SH. its just that well the 2 of them are closer to each other hehe..

the 3 of us go a long way back in sec school. the fateful 1995, 3 jan when we sit dumbly in the school hall, anxious with all the new faces around us. we went through the school days happy together. those days were so fun.

i used to wish to the high heavens to have good friends. a best buddy that i can really tell all my deep, drak secrets to. a best buddy that can really tell you as it is, encourage you, be your slave and willing to walk through your lifetime together. and whenever friends around me changed, i changed too. i thought where are my good friends? where could they be? until one fine day, i heard this, "i have to be a friend to them the way i want them to be for me."

i want to be your friend. not because having friends around is good, it is good. but because i want to feel the joy again of being real to a friend and being there for you. to walk this journey together, to grow old and have many more 10 years friendship dinners. to watch our kids grow up and just like us, be good friends too.


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