Tuesday, August 26, 2008

white roses and ghost month!

i can't believed i just finished conditioning 50 packs of white roses! there's like 1000 white roses in my studio now! and they all look so pretty and pristine with their soft, smooth velvety white petals. oh, and the fragrance! i'm in white heaven! its for an upcoming project this fri, thus gotta rush for it. and the amazing thing was my usual part-time helper wasn't able to help out this week, i called a fellow florist to come on board instead! yeah, it does feel abit weird considering we're doing the same things, but really its the grace and favor of God that we happened to know each other. as i recently started a multiply site for my business, she dropped me a mail to say hi! how many people will do that? esp, when we're both wedding flora designers. we need more people like her! haha.....
as july is the chinese seventh month aka ghost month, i would think that this month's sales will be terrible. however, God really knows my heart and continue to bring in business opportunities for me. though i just lost a big client with a substantial budget, He brought in another deal for me. and when i think of it, as in the many preparations for this project, i know it can only be Him that put the right people in my path. at first when i heard of the number of orders for it, my first thought was to reject. and just as quickly as the thought came in, another thought of take it! take it! pushed it out haha.. my mind is like a pots of noodles..
so for this post, i just wanna thank God for this opportunity esp july haha.. many times i feel so lazy, so un-motivated, so slack. but He always leads me to where i have to go. its really amazing how He places me at the right place, right time. its completely undeserved favor man.


Sharin said...

Jehovah Jireh - God, our Provider

The Bible tells us in the book of Matthew that we do not need to worry about our lives - what we will eat or wear - because our Father in Heaven knows of our needs. These things will be added unto us as long as we seek first the Kingdom of God.

That's how God works! AMAZING~ So you need not worry about your business during the quiet seasons because the Lord will provide!


life-muse said...

yes and amen!