Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Smell of rain and thoughts of randomness

it's raining now, i'm feeling sleepy, after waking up from a power nap. man, my hormones are playing with my body.. alot of friends are asking about the wedding preparations, dress, house and stuff.. well most of it is done, mainly the house! our regular houseguest, Kwee has been keeping the Wei company and the occasional other regular houseguest, johnny tends to drop in as and when he likes too.. so what do they do when they're at home?

they play ps3, watch movies till late (he has a kicka** cinema room), eat durians or make pizzas.. the weird stuff that guys do together. also we've sean, yimei, jerome and andy dropping by too! so now our house is the JRC, Jurong Recreational Club.. i must collect cover charge le..

anyways, what we still need to confirm for the wedding is the invites (yikes, we're horribly late!), settle the caterer, last fitting for both my dresses, get shoes, accessories, hair and make up and whatever else that needs to be done.

i do wish there's photos but i've no camera, so this year i wish for a compact digital camera! haha haha.. 

we got our very first ang pow from aunty nina! It was during the parents gathering when she gave it to us. so with our first fruits, we tithe all of it! and i'm mighty glad that the Wei did it cos that was whats in my heart to do so.. its our miracle seed!

and thank pastor mark's for sunday preaching. we gotta say out our blessings! so if you're still wondering why no breakthrough, its cos you ain't saying it! so say it!

and i am blessed with the blessings of Deu 28 and jesus is the provider of all my needs!

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