Wednesday, August 13, 2008

slacker or resting or *gasps* lazy?!

today is the jiemei's meeting. can't wait! should we really make him suffer or should i let them go easy on him? i stay on the 18th floor hehehehehehehehehehee..

anyways, my sister is getting married a few months after me. i think i loved her deeply though its a one-sided love. and i don't express it well so she probably thinks i'm being fake. well anywhoo!

if ever i've 2 girls next time, i hope they will continue to love each other even after all the fights they go through. and when they reached their teens to adulthood, i sure hope that they will continue to look out for one another, keep in contact and not let some stupid little fights tear them apart. its scary when your own sister does'nt really bother about your own existence and only talk to you in a harsh tone when it comes to the bills.

i really don't want this to happen to my 2 girls, ever.

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