Wednesday, August 13, 2008

many posts ahhhhhhhhhh......

yeah, you must be wondering if i've went crazy and post like never before right....... but its like this floodgate have been released and all this words just keep coming out man..... sometimes a blog moment will come and its like you tell yourself, ok i'm going to blog about this later but when it comes to the actual blogging, zilch, zero, finito, nothing comes out.... so when this torrent of inspirations hits, better put it down before it all goes away too soon...

on another random note, we're thinking if i can spare the time to go for honeymoon. yes!! we might not be able to go for honeymoon, all because moi has a wedding project 4 days after my own wedding! What?!! yes!! and the Wei has been very sweet about it, looking for short destinations to go though i know he really would love to go to europe for our honeymoon.

and people have been telling us we should go even if its a short one. so we're wrecking our brains to decide where we should go. any ideas?

i can only spare 1 week in between months as year end is crazy for me. and even for our september wedding, there are wedding projects that i've to complete till 1 week before my own. yeah thats how crazy it is this year. and i heard next year will even be better.
*kaching, kaching!* hahahahaha..

and speaking of weddings, i got to know another fellow wedding floral designer through multiply. she's been doing it for a year plus and its really great to know we're doing the same thing. i even recommend my sis to her lol. at first, the Wei asked if its our competitor cos we're doing wedding flowers, so i said yes. but it dawned on me not to see her as a competitor but a fellow designer whereby we can encouraged each other and honed our skills even more. i feel that too many businesses lose out cos they always see each other as competitors. but to me, i would like to see it as a personal human touch.

to know each other, building friendships and helping each other along the way are what we ought to do. not to diss each other off or compare. comparisons are deadly. its a poison arrow that will seeped you of any joy or life. so don't compare. jesus did'nt died for us to compare. he died so that we might live. to live his life and to be set apart for his purpose. so if your purpose is to be a good teacher, he'll set you apart for it. if your purpose is to be a singer, he'll set you apart for it. and if you're thinking whats my purpose? i don't have a purpose for anything! don't worry, he'll set you apart for something!

i know my purpose for this season is to be floral designer, i know he has set me apart for it. he'll equipped me with the creativity, wisdom, favor and joy for it. like a dear friend once shared with me, i'll not dwell unduly for days of my life because God has keep me busy with joy of my heart~ ecc 5:20

ain't that awesome! (",)

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