Thursday, August 14, 2008


and so we had the jiemei's gathering last night. i wouldn't say it was not fruitful. in fact it was too much. i was doing too little and they were telling me too much. man, i feel like i'm taking a super difficult test paper with so much preparations not done.

so while waiting for the Wei to return, i tried to surf online for more information and ended up reading other people's blogs hehe.. i like to read other people's stuff. anyways, i'm looking for favors. perhaps honey pots? i dunno, i wish we could just have the ceremony and be done away with everything else.

i realised that there's alot of being nice involved preparing for the invites. i wanted to invite my friend but not the bf but they told me its not nice to. i asked why and got a agitated response from them. but its my wedding, no? i did overheard them say, then we won't invite you lor, but the thing is we know each other so that hurts. sometimes having friends like these takes alot of courage. cos we hardly ever hang out and now we're all hanging out cos there's a wedding to plan. so what happens after all the fairy dust has settled? we go back to hanging out with our own friends till the time comes for us to hang out together again. is it me or its just us?

think this post is getting depressing and thats not how it started out. human relations are so tricky. wonder how jesus did it man.

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