Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I want my sunshine back

The son has been sick for the past few days. First it was a slight fever which went away when we gave him paracetemol, then came the occasional cough. And then after, came the phlegmy cough. This was the worst. It kept all of us up most of the night.

He coughs, he cries, we pacify him. He coughs, he cries, we pacify him. Its like Ground Hog Day, just the junior version. The strange thing is, in the day he is okay. I mean well he is sort of clingy and all, but he still manages to play by himself for a short while and feeds himself well. But comes night, its like who let the gremlins out?

The coughs just keep on coming and its so heartbreaking to see him cough so hard. I just wished there is a medicine to melt all his phlegm away. And to his credit, he has been a real trooper, taking it all in his stride. And I admit because he's not feeling well, I'll let him do things that I usually would'nt allow him to. Like opening the fridge door for the umpteenth time just so he can play in it, playing with the baby powder and coating himself and the sofa with it, playing with his food, playing with his water, generally playing with anything he can get his hands on. A sick baby is a grouchy baby, so I figure its better to give him all the fun he needs now, no matter how messy it'll be.

Oh, the husband is reading this, so thank you love for offering to look after him while I slep last night! I did'nt hear a single sound! And he's really the best thing that we've ever done togther, ha!

my sunshine

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