Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our weekend has nothing to do with sailing

How did we spend the husband's birthday? 

He bought some manly stuff like light fixtures for the house, got himself a $3.80 haircut plus a $4 hair wash which he can get it completely free at home, but he explained to me that since he had showered before leaving home, so its only apt that he gets the hair wash so he doesn't have to shower again for that day

Whatever rocks your boat sir, but like I said, its for that day. Don't get your hopes too high. 

And the best part of the day was having a Japanese buffet dinner. I think we got our money's worth by feasting on all that sashimi and seafood. The son? For once he decided to turn vegetarian by having lots of water and fruits, at a buffet nevertheless. 

Whatever rocks his boat too as he kept himself entertained throughout the whole meal watering himself. For this, I'm grateful that we all got to eat in peace. Whatever rocks my boat too.

Today's outfit:

top: sis, flats: Novo

P.S: The flats gave way progressively throughout the day. This is what happens when you decide to wear a pair of shoes after two years of them sitting in the cabinet. You gave them a chance and they die on you.

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