Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Explosion of the poopy kind

Do not ever, in any case give your toddler two plums. One is good but never two. I learnt this the hard way while we were out having dinner once.

We were seated at this eatery and towards the end of the meal, the son suddenly has this spaced out look. I thought he was just tired out since he hadn't nap at all during the day. Guess I thought wrong.

When I stood up to carry him out, what greeted me was not pretty. He had poop all over. All over the seat, up his back, his pants, his shirt, his arms and his hair (because I smelled it when I kissed him after the clean up and inevitably, cleaned it up with my mouth). I'm sacrificial like that.

So I freaked out and together with the husband, stood there for a while deciding which is the best way to carry him out without getting more poop on him. Thankfully the restroom was just beside the eatery.

We ran to the toilet where I hosed him down with the water hose (we used the handicapped toilet) and soap. Whereas the son was calmed, I was totally freaking out. There was really poop all over him. All over.

After I hosed him down with the cold water, he started shivering. So what do you do when your child starts shivering and his clothes are all wet and poopy? You do the next best thing.

You take off your shirt and lets him have it while the father goes in search to buy a new one while the two of you hide in the toilet. Exciting.

Moral of story? One plum is really good enough for a kid.

Oh, not that?

Always have back up diapers, change of clothes and make sure you familiarise yourself where the exit is first.

P.S: I really do want to apologise to the eatery for not cleaning up the chair. In the moments of panic and freaking out, we totally forgot about it. There's no CCTV right?


Ruth said...

Oh my!! I would have panicked and freaked out! Btw, are you toilet-training your boy? Was he wearing diaper? Anyway, remind me of those days when my boy was still breastfeeding and his poo was usually watery. We often dread him poo-ing when we were out coz it would usually leak out from his diaper!

life-muse said...

No I've not toilet trained him yet ! He was wearing a diaper but it just sort of squished out you know? It really wasn't pretty haha. And I feel really bad for the person who has to clean it up :(

Ruth said...

Unexpected things do happen with kids ;) Just teaches us to be more prepared in future!