Thursday, November 24, 2011

Planning for the future

I'm too empathic. Just the other day, the husband and I were watching a zombie show when I turned to him and asked, "What happens if we're really attacked by zombies? I think if we need to choose a car to run away, always choose a van! They're spacious enough to put all our stuff and supplies in it!"

And without looking at me, he just replied, "Its not ever going to happen dear". Spoilsport!

Anyway, in the event of a zombie apocalypse truly happening, my advise is, dress comfortably.

Today's outfit:

cardigan: defunct blogshop, tunic: Gmarket, jeans: New Future.  flats: Cotton On

A cardigan to keep warm at night, tunic to double up as a dress in the event the jeans gets too bloody from all the zombie killings, and flats for easy running.

P.S: For further reference, please watch this

You can thank me when we're all alive and well. I hope.


Mongs said...

funny comment about the zombies. I like your cute shoes, cotton on have nice thrifty flats all the time. Your tunic looks interesting, the neckline looks asymmetrical.


life-muse said...

We must always be prepared for the unexpected! Haha watched too many zombie shows these few days that's why so affected lol. Cotton On does have some good deals but I always only buy when they have major sale ha.