Monday, November 14, 2011

A trip to hell and back

Before we head down to Haw Par Villa, the husband made a call to the office to enquire about its opening hours. 

Husband: Hello, is this the Har Par Villa office?
Man on the other line (sounding really bored): Yesssss, we are opennnnn, seven days a weeeeeek....
Husband: Erm ok thanks, bye!

He must have answered it a gazillion times, hence the bored tone, haha!

Haw Par Villa

the Ten Courts of Hell
too gruesome for pictures

a memorial for one of the founding brothers
It was quite an interesting visit as we got to learnt more about the history of the villa. The brothers built it as a means to teach traditional Chinese moral values like filial piety, honesty, willingness and kindness etc...

20 odd years ago

I had that exact photo taken back then! Hee, made the son took the same one as well.

Just a word of caution. As the villa is built on a small hill, be prepared to walk up slope and climbed lots of stairs. We were huffing and puffing while carrying the son up and it was a very hot day to boot too. And don't forget the mosquito patch, umbrella or sunscreen.

Har Par Villa is open daily from 9-6pm, I think. And with the Circle Line now opened, it's so much more accessible than before.

P.S: You can try calling the office to ask for the operation hours. Or just to get a kick out of  hearing the man's bored voice.


Mongs said...

this is so nostalgic. Haha... I haven't been to this place for years! But not sure if my boys would be scared though.


life-muse said...

Lol! The place is a little run down though but like what you said, the nostalgia is definitely there. It's also like a trip down memory lane! Haha

Ruth said...

With Singapore changing so rapidly, it's hard to find a place like this where we can bring our kids and say "Daddy and mommy were here 20, 30 years ago!" I just wish more places are preserved.

life-muse said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I feel so sad whenever we have to tear down old buildings to make way for the new. And even the supposedly 'touch up' makes them lose all their original appeal.